Climate and Energy

Climate and Energy

Climate and Energy (CE) was a Nordic research project (2003-2006) with funding from the Nordic Energy Research and the Nordic energy sector. The main objective of the project was to make a comprehensive assessment of the impact of climate change on renewable energy resources in the Nordic area including hydropower, wind power, bio-fuels and solar energy. This study included the evaluation of power production and its sensitivity and vulnerability to climate change on both temporal and spatial scales and the assessment of the impacts of extremes including floods, droughts, storms, seasonal pattern and variability.

In each of the Nordic countries, there are active and ongoing national projects in the field of climate research and climate impact assessments. Many of these projects were initiated in light of the importance of renewable energy sources in the Nordic countries that will play an ever increasing role in the quest for a reduced anthropogenic impact on climate. The Climate and Energy (CE) project extended from 2003-2006 and focused on the four renewable energy sources: Hydropower, wind power, bio-fuels and solar energy. The CE project benefited from the national projects and extends and integrated their work both on a regional scale and for cross-cutting subjects. The projected climate changes will influence both the energy requirements and the possibilities of energy production. Furthermore, extreme weather events could impact the planning, design and operation of the energy system.

EURENEW, Reykjavík, Iceland, June 5-9, 2006

The “European Conference on Impacts of Climate Change on Renewable Energy Sources” aimed at creating a forum for the European energy sector and researchers to exchange views and disseminate information on present research regarding the impacts of climate change on renewable energy sources; hydropower, wind power, bio fuels and solar energy. The objective was also to give the European energy sector an opportunity to report on their key areas of interest for future research. In addition it was hoped that this forum might create co-operation and networks for extended projects in this important area of research. The conference was organized by the Nordic research project Climate and Energy (CE).

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